C1 sees Lee Asher in Chicago

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Postby Guest » 03/30/05 11:08 PM

The Channel One Staff (even the office monkey annie) made a road trip to Chicago to see Lee's new lecture. I love Lee's lecture. He is a great teacher and has wonderful material to boot. If you ever catch him in your area..GO! I command it!!

I also command you to look at the pictures Mona Morrison and I took of the lecture:
Lee Asher Lecture Pictures

And no comments on the hair...I had a long day.


Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/31/05 07:22 AM

It was a terrific lecture. One of many GREAT lectures at Tim's terrific shop.

The guy in the picture you needed identified is Royal Jenner. A great guy and talented card handler as well as one of the other Saturday regulars at the shop.
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