Review of Bill Goldman's Magic Bar & Grill#9

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Postby Jeff Pierce Magic » 05/24/04 05:06 PM

Today I received issue #9 of Bill Goldman's Bar & Grill and all I can say is "Bill is magic's best kept secret!)and I hope for my sake it stays that way.

What it lacks in pages (only 8, but strong pages) it's full of great useable magic.
issue #9 includes:

"The Rise of the Pyramid":This takes a idea by Jay Sankey or Paul Harris (take your pick, they both lay claim)called "Pyramid" and sends it into another dimension. I can't say anymore without giving to much away but the title is a clue.

"Mercury Rising":by Joe DiPietro. A rising card folded up in a enigma!

"The Shape of Things to Come": not so much a effect as a tool to produce endless miracles with a deck of cards.

"Countdown": a new and ingenioue take on the 21 card trick that might just fool your magic buddies.

Plus Bill talks about "Perception and Perspective" in a interesting rant.

My next purchase will be the seven back issues that I am missing to complete this wonderful set.

Only available direct from Bill at his website at

While your there please overlook "One for the Money" and "Two for the Show". You won't get any use out of these so leave them to me.

Jeff Pierce
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Postby Guest » 05/25/04 06:39 AM

Bar and Grill 8 and 9 are his best in this series. 9 was a welcome surprise. I liked his stuff. His work on the 21 card trick is very subtle and a magician fooler indeed. As a fan of his One for the Money as well, I say leave this material alone! :)

Postby Guest » 05/28/04 12:06 AM

Bill Goldman is one of Magic's greatest thinkers. His ideas are always well thought out and insightful.

Postby Matthew Field » 05/28/04 09:53 AM

I very much enjoy all of Bill Goldman's stuff. (does anyone else know his "World's Greatest Card Trick"?)

His Bar & Grill #9 is absolutely first rate. The Devano deck variation is more than worth the price of admission.

Matt Field
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Postby Glenn Farrington » 06/11/04 07:36 PM

His Monkey in the Middle is just brilliant!
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