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Who is Arthur Belcher?
What kind of magic did he do?

Card Control, 1946:

Postby Philippe Billot » 03/06/07 01:18 AM

Excerpt from Whomagic by Bart Whaley

Belcher, Len A.
(Britain: fl.1940s-90s) Schoolteacher (retired). Mentalist & childrens magician. Wrote Len Belcher on Two-Person Mentalism (1974, 47pp) & Best of Belcher(1980, 152pp).

And Excerpt from Jack Potter's Master Index

Tricks in Abra, The Demon Telegraph, Hugues News, Magic Magazine, The Gen, The Magic Wand, The Pentagram, The Wizard from 1946 to 1964
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Postby Matthew Field » 03/06/07 05:02 AM

You've got two people mixed up.

Len Belcher, who recently died (obituary in the March Magic Circular) was a contributor to many magic magazines.

"Card Control" is by Arthur Buckley, who was an Australian stage magician, close-up worker and mentalist who moved to the US. The book is part of the well-known "Buckley Trilogy" which also includes "Principles and Deceptions" and "Gems of Mental Magic".

The Bart Whaley entry in "Who's Who in Magic" is below.

Matt Field


Buckley, Arthur H[erbert]
(Sydney, Australia: 15 Dec 1890-20 Feb 1953) Inspired at age 18 seeing Allan Shaw show in New Zealand. Learned from Down's Modern Coin Manipulation. Debut 6 months later (still 1908) as "Young Dante, King of Koins". Thence pro coin-cardman as "Mysto" in Australia & New Zealand. Moved to USA in late 1919 [sic]. By 1925, also as "Mysto", worked two-person mind-reading with partner-wife Helen. Briefly in Australia c1939-c1943 when resettled in Chicago where became an electrical engineer. Died of a heart attack.
Invented Knock 'Em Dead (by 1928) & the muscle pass (by 1948). Wrote The Burglar (1921), New and Improved Effects with Cards (1921), Improved and Original Card Problems (1924, with Goldenberg), Card Control (1946, 219pp; repr 1973), Gems of Mental Magic (1947, 132pp, with John Brown Cook; repr 1973), & Principles and Deceptions (1948, 222pp; repr 1973), the last 3 all classics. Trick in Tarbell #5. [McC;Wal;Berg;Dor;St]
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/06/07 09:20 AM

Maybe Arthur Buckley liked to belch?
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