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Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby Guest » 07/03/06 10:37 AM

You can find them on this webside,then click on VIDEO,there is R.Giobbi, a tank disappearence,and other.Generally clear also for the non Italian,,,1067004,00.html

Postby Guest » 07/03/06 02:00 PM

Arcana is a very nice 1 hour Tv program about magic, one time a week.
There are seven doors, and every week, behind each one of the doors, there is some unusual magic experiment ore some documentary or mentalism magic exhibition.
In Italy is very sad, cause magic programs are very rare!
This one lasts only 7 weeks.
I don't know if you can see RAI 2 with the satellite.
In the case, every tuesday you can see it.

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