McAbee Rings DVD

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Postby Guest » 10/23/05 12:19 AM

Looking for a solid review for McAbee Rings DVD !
I found the DVD at this web:

Any useful moves and routines on the new DVD?
Online video:
I think this close up ring set is one of the strongest on the market!

Postby Ian Kendall » 10/23/05 05:14 AM

The rings and moves are different from the usual linking ring set. There was some comment at the time that the routine cannot be performed standing (although there is a walk around version on the video - I have an old version - it's workability is still suspect).

If you perform seated in formal close up shows, you'll probably get something from it.

Take care, Ian

EDIT: just looked at the link - if the switcher is up to par they have solved the walkaround problem...
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