My Magic Website Closing- See the magic while you can.

Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby M. Sibbernsen » 02/12/04 04:38 PM

A second one of my websites is officially closing its doors. First was the creative "" (of remote controlled magic), and now my personal magic web site "".

Of particular interest to the readers might be the "Magic You Can Perform" area. Link below.

On this page you will find some nice ideas for the beginner, as well as a link for a password protected advanced section. Both of these areas include a variety of effects and instructional videos you may wish to take in before the site goes down in about 24-48 hrs.

It has been a good 4 year run. Enjoy.

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Postby Christopher Starr » 02/15/04 11:35 AM

3 days after your post it would appear to be gone. Oh well. :)
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