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Postby Steve V » 03/07/05 11:01 PM has been running interviews with magicians (Harry Anderson, Gazzo, Tony Blanco etc) on Saturday nights, 11 Eastern, and Dean Hankeys marketing show on Sunday nights, 10:07 Eastern. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, starts a review show, 11 Eastern, featuring Ryan Pilling of Half Baked and representing the average hobby type magician who does some shows, myself. Right now the show is planned to run every two weeks and is called "Off The Shelf" and will have reviews of new and old products that Ryan and I have on hand. Tomorrow we will take a look at some, not all, of the monte material.
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Postby Guest » 03/08/05 02:32 PM

Looking forward to it Steve! I'm still in Houston, but hope to tune in from the hotel.

I think you and Ryan will complement each other quite nicely! Should result in lots of good, constructive banter back & forth!


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