Steve Forte on You Tube

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Postby Guest » 06/26/07 10:53 PM

Check Out This Link Steve Forte And The Four Kings

Postby Guest » 06/27/07 07:10 AM

I think this is from the Lance Burton Secrets of Magic DVD. This is a bargain for 3 hours of magic and contains a very rare demonstration of the 'Blue Room' effect (and, despite the name, doesn't reveal any magic secrets).

Postby Guest » 06/27/07 09:32 AM

This is from that Lance Burton DVD which is a nice buy. I remember reading the Genii article on Steve Forte and I think he said this shoot wasn't at all what he thought it was going to be once he got there. I think it is really good for having to go on like he did. People making posts on the Youtube video saying he lacked a presentation just don't get it.

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