"20 questions" on-line algorithm

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Not quite on-line mentalism...just a damn good computer program that'll play "20 Questions" and do a whole lot better, with fewer clues from you, than you might expect.

Freaks ME out, anyway.


Postby Jeff Eline » 06/29/03 04:34 PM

I have to say that's pretty cooool!! :)
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Postby Guest » 06/30/03 05:50 AM

This wonderful sight has been online for several years now...I actually published a short interview with the creator in an issue of Channel One...

It started out as a project for a class...and has been going ever since...


Postby Guest » 06/30/03 10:09 AM

Channel One as in Whittle Communications?

The program's certainly grown smart over the years. Here's an idea on how to bundle it with a separate internet mentalism site for some at-the-office fun:

1. E-mail the 20 Questions link to a co-worker
2. Pull up the Internet Lie Detector on your computer (after learning how to use/perform it), and have it ready to run.
3. When your co-worker ambles over to your office/workstation/cube and you chat about the 20 Questions site, mention that you've found this OTHER cool site--designed by the same people--(that's a lie), which is even smarter.
4. Have the Internet Lie Detector do its magic. The effect is that the web site figures out a card your friend has merely thought of by asking a series of questions about the card, which your friend need not answer truthfully. In fact, the web site correctly tells the friend whether s/he is lying as it proceeds inexorably toward naming the card.

Postby Guest » 06/30/03 07:33 PM

Nope Ralph...

Channel One is also a magic magazine..
and a porn site...
and an underground radio station...
and lots of other things...

but for us..mainly a magic magazine...


Postby Guest » 07/01/03 02:32 AM

Oh good, since the Channel One I was thinking of is the Embodiment of Evil.

(Isn't it also a fragrance? ;) )

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