Amazing Kreskin: Mentalist offering services in Peterson case

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"A celebrity mentalist is offering his services in the search for Stacy Peterson, the missing 23-year-old mother from suburban Bolingbrook.
The Amazing Kreskin says the case is crying out for a breakthrough, and he is interested in becoming involved with the case.
Illinois State Police spokesman Trooper Mark Dorencz Wednesday said Kreskin's agent had contacted law enforcement. But Dorencz says state police won't be granting any meeting with the Amazing Kreskin.
Stacy Peterson's late October disappearance has garnered international media attention and has become a staple for cable television shows."

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"Here, write the last time you saw her, your favorite color, the name of your favorite city and your telephone number on this piece of paper, the fold it into quarters and drop it on this funny-looking clipboard."

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