8 perfect faros to preserving a full deck order

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Postby Guest » 12/12/03 01:13 PM

You can download a internet video, 3.5 Mb big (.wma = windows mediaplayer 9) with me doing "8 perfect faros to preserving a full deck order" here:

http://www.mastermagic.info/ (videos)

Postby Guest » 12/12/03 03:02 PM

Gee...that was...uh...riviting. I see you are a bottom up guy. I use to be one until Ortiz changed me to a top guy. I wonder what is more common, bottom up or top down?
Steve V

Postby John Clarkson » 12/13/03 07:36 AM

... and, most amazing of all is that you could show both hands completely empty before and after the shuffle! I usually just pass my hands out to the spectators for inspection after a laborious sleight.

Tomorrow I may post the classic epic sequel Preserving New-Deck Order with 52 In-Faros.

Kidding aside, even after all these decades of doing breaking in my decks with a series of out shuffles, it impresses me to see the cards back in new-deck order. I think it's great you shared your enthusiasm with us. One of the great things about magic, isn't it?

Bottom-up, here. Time for a poll?
John Clarkson
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Postby Guest » 12/13/03 09:34 PM

Is that the deck used for Unshuffled? I can kind of see some writing on the side. Then again, maybe I'm imagining it.

I'm a top-down, though with the right type of 'bow' in the cards, I can also do bottom-up faros. I can't remember where I read it, but bottom-up faros are good start for learning Table Faros. And I think it is true - it helps me!


Postby Guest » 12/14/03 02:58 AM

Yes, the actual deck is used for Paul Gertners UNSHUFFLED. I have marked it with a company name.

These routines is a reason to master Faro Shuffle, they are very good:

Marlos Original R or B Phantom
Marlos Spade Routine
Marlos Matching Routine (Stay (Mirror Stack)
Marlos Chain Calculator, I use it together with Martin Joyals STACK.
A very powerful concept

Paul Gertners Unshuffled
Martin Nash Ovation
Darwin Ortiz's Si Stebben's Set Up Secret
Darwin Ortizs Deja Vu Poker
Ortiz Combination Cull
Derek Dingle's Mental Triumph
Harry Loraynes Interlaced Location (my first faro trick)
Racherbaumers Red Hot Mental Mamma

plus my favourite:
Allan Ackermans Impromptu Paul Fox
A heavy mindreader effect, an impossible effect !!!

I also do my own routines...

Mats G. Kjellstrm

Postby Nick Pudar » 02/08/04 12:47 PM

For those who love faros, check out this table -- I don't think you'll find this anywhere else.

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