10/08/05 Magic Review Show and more!

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Postby Guest » 10/05/05 03:53 PM

Howdy folks. I wanted to let you know that this Saturday, the 8th, I'll be doing my magic review show on www.magicbroadcast.com and I hope you tune in. It will be at 6:45 pm Pacific/ 9:45 pm Eastern. I'm looking to review:
1) Full Metal Jacket by JC Wagner and Syd Segal, note I ran out of time last show to do this booklet.
2) Fussilade by Paul Cummins and Doc Eason. This is my salute to Pauls new release and hopes he gets back to work on the Mike Gallo book.
3) Egg Bag Routine by Jim Gerrish, an e-routine, if that is the proper term.
Maybe more if time allows.

After my show will be Shop Talk with a special guest from Viking Magic. After Shop Talk we'll have Saturday Sessions. The guest isn't firmed up but who it may be is a member of this board and a very respected magician, teacher, and magic businessman.

Thank you and hope to have you join us.
Steve V

Postby Spellbinder » 10/08/05 02:31 PM

Tonight's the night! I'm sorry I won't be listening in, but Jim Gerrish will be there in the chat room as promised. He'll try to record it so I can hear it later.
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