Conn's Close-up Classroom

Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby Guest » 09/22/03 11:33 AM

A few routines for your perusual:

You'll find:

A few thoughts on the "Yates Divination"
A superb (underdeveloped) piece of mentalism.

"Coin Spectacle"
'Elbow, Knee and Neck' w/ Repeat


Presentation strategies for some standard card effects.

This is a new addition to my site. Soon to be password protected. Until then, I'm sharing the link with a few magi-related sites.

If response is good, I'll continue posting routines... if not, I'll just practice more :p

Once again, here's the link:

thanks for your time,
Doug Conn

Postby Michael Jay » 09/24/03 03:58 AM

I have e-mailed you Doug. Thank you for putting up this link - interesting stuff!

Michael Jay
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Postby Guest » 10/06/03 04:42 PM

For your perusal: I just added a few things to 'the classroom'

3 videos; Bounce Vanish, Palming 2 of 4 & the Hot Shot Cut Combo. Also: a new card effect(text only.)

Note: I consider this page to be in its "beta" phase (I have not linked it to my site yet... It will eventually be a password protected page. For now, I'm just sharing the link with a few magi-page/boards.)

Any feedback is appreciated (if I'm wasting my time doing this, someone stop me now, please!)
Best case scenario: I hope you find something useful (or at least fun to watch, while you're visiting the page.)

To peruse the goods, visit:

Hope you enjoy,
Doug Conn

Postby Kevin Wiese » 10/06/03 06:12 PM

Thanks for the classroom, good stuff. I like the Bounce Vanish in particular. I need to add Principles and Deceptions to my book list.

Kevin Wiese
Kevin Wiese
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Postby Guest » 11/13/03 07:33 AM

I just zapped up a few additions to the 'classroom.'

Conn\'s Close-up Classroom

This 'secret' portion of my site has video & text, featuring: 5 full effects, 3 utility moves, some random ideas and (the newest addition) my gig-rig set-up (table legs ,top , sidetable, etc.)

(I hope!)

Doug Conn

Postby Guest » 11/13/03 12:12 PM


Doug, you are creating a great resource; thanks, and I hope it moves some merch.

--Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 11/14/03 12:39 PM

Thanks Randy,

Always nice to hear some good words.

as long as they keep coming...

I'll keep building...

Doug Conn

Postby luigimar » 11/14/03 01:41 PM

Yes, Doug, great job!

Hey guys, I recently went to Doug's site and bought a very good and inexpensive trick, Flush Brush which is very good. So if you go to this site you can learn good things (for free!) and if you want to help him (and Emily too, you'll know who she is if you buy from Doug) buy from him!

And as you say Doug, Keep 'em comin'!

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