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Postby Guest » 06/10/05 12:38 AM

A free tip for all cardicians and card experts: fine handmade special cards:

CardMaker - Bernd Maucksch - the top notch card specialist from german [eu] that makes fine and precicion made special (fx) cards in any shape or appearance. He also sells precicion metal and magnetic cards with very thin and powerful magnets inbuilt.
He also produces "custom" made cards for you.
If you have any "wet" fantasies about a special card: let him know what you want and he will do it for you. IF you want that very special card that's not exists let him make it for you. Bernd has also several famous cards for fine card effects without explanations. If you don't use normal Bicycle cards, send him your favourite cards and he will make your favourite trick card[s] with your favorite deck of cards...

An example: ... s/DBDF.jpg

He accepts money via PayPal.Com. The web is mostly in german but you will find an english section if you surf into the first page. He writes very well in german and in english.

Postby Marco Pusterla » 06/23/05 05:56 AM

after seeing this post and the link on UK's "MagicWeek" site, I contacted the gentleman and asked him for some cards. This was on Sunday. Today (Thursday), the cards (split2, hand-made) drop through my letter box.

They are wonderful! a real high level of craftmanship, excellent quality and handle like normal cards.

I'm really satisfied with the quality of this product and I would certainly use Bernd's services again.

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Marco Pusterla -

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Postby mrgoat » 06/23/05 12:52 PM

If you have any "wet" fantasies about a special card: [/QB]
Well not about a card...
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