Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic (DVD to be released soon)

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Postby Craig Matsuoka » 03/13/03 10:12 AM

The DVD is scheduled for release on March 25. Amazon is pre-selling it at a 25% discount. 2524

Does anyone know if this is from the Canadian 50 part series?
Craig Matsuoka
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Postby RickBelford » 03/13/03 12:53 PM


Yes, this appears to be from the Canadian series of the same name. I was able, with some difficulty, to get a Canadian resident to record several, select episodes for me (I would have liked the whole series, but his charge for duplicating was cost prohibitive!), and they seem to match the descriptions on the DVD. Would anyone know if they plan to release more, and, hopefully, all of the 50 episodes on DVD?

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Postby Guest » 03/13/03 04:23 PM

The DVD on is 160 minutes long. I don't remember How long the dhows are, aren't they 30 min.There is a place on the bottom to click on the page on e-bay for techinacle info and it also lish who is doing it.

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