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Postby Dustin Stinett » 06/14/03 11:23 PM

Intrepid Genii correspondent Steve Bryant's web site Little Egypt Magic has been updated for May. When, exactly, this happened I'm not sure, as I became negligent in my visits, but it couldn't have been too long ago (he mentions the tardiness of the update, so what little of my self-esteem that is left remains intact).

In case you have never visited Steve's site, be sure to do so and do so regularly. You can check out past installments while you're there and there are some other treats as well. Steve has a nose for the best of the best and his reviews are excellent.

This month, along with the Michael Skinner DVDs and the Road Trip video, Steve visits the Al Baker book. If you don't already have this huge collection of material, you will want it after reading Steve's review--even at the C-note-and-a-half price tag. (I just hope I that live long enough to actually read the thing.)

Steve Bryant's Little Egypt Magic can be found at http://www.littleegyptmagic.com/magic.html

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