Classic Palming with Coins - Reed McClintock

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Postby Guest » 01/17/07 09:32 AM

Classic Palming with Coins - Reed McClintock:

Postby Guest » 02/07/07 08:17 PM

Got it! Love it! Wish I could have gotten it in the 60s!

Give it try!


Postby Guest » 02/10/07 09:29 AM

I got one of the review copies of this. I think Reed has done an excellent job of teaching the basics of classic palming.

The muscle pass excercises are great.

Postby Guest » 02/14/07 10:53 AM

Im very lucky, a magic friend that is pretty famous in the world of magic sent me 'Classic Palming with Coins' DVD. Im happy now, it takes the palming up the ladder to a new level. I already do coin palming but this DVD lesson will make your palming more expert like. How many can palm several coins and the drop them of one after one? That finesse is extremely USEFUL.

Lot of small but very useful tips, one after one is explained on this DVD.

The DVD is also "goodlooking": it has a nice design on the cover art and even the video shoot and sound is almost high end. The background is tasteful.

One great bonus on this DVD is the eyecandy effect: Muscle Pass.
Reed is explaining this fine expert move very good. No 10 second explanation its a very deep explantion to make this move work.

This DVD is for everyone. Beginners will start doing Palming in a week and experts will start doing multiple palming with this DVD as teaching aid.

Good luck every owner of this DVD, next time you do coin magic you will do killer coin magic with these intricate expert tips.

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