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Postby Pete McCabe » 09/25/03 12:55 AM

Dutch electronics giant Philips announced that they have invented a paper display capable of playing color video .

Note that a monochrome paper display is "on the verge of commercialization."

It will be cool to be able to carry around a single sheet of paper with a thin battery and a memory card, which holds, say, all of Card College, with videos of all the moves and tricks.
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Postby CHRIS » 09/25/03 01:41 AM


thanks for the link. I didn't know that they can switch the pixels that fast. This is really great news. A reflective color display to watch video clips - Wow. Can't wait to see this productized.

Chris Wasshuber
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 09/25/03 02:20 AM

Philips Demonstrates Video-Speed Electronic-Paper Technology Based on Electrowetting

click : ... lNodeId=13\'

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