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Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby Jakob Rasmussen » 07/03/04 02:21 AM


Can you recomend some websites where you can download magic videoclips.


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Postby Ian Kendall » 07/03/04 05:10 AM

Er, most of the dealers' sites,, several personal sites for individual magicians...

I'll kick it off with for some free tutorials.

Take care, Ian
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Postby David Nethery » 07/03/04 08:11 AM

Various clips, various formats (Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player ) ----

Sleight of hand and illusion artist
David Ben

Brief clip of Fred Kaps performing some card manipulation:

Another short Fred Kaps clip. The Smoking Thumb (silent clip)

Master of Levitation , Losander promo video.

Losander Deluxe Floating Table Clip 1 . These floating table clips are great.

Losander Deluxe Floating Table Clip 2

Losander Ultimate Floating Table

Amazing clip of Ted Lesley performing Vanishing Radio

Very funny clip (a little hard to hear , sound too low)
of Billy McComb performing his Vanishing Bird Cage routine:

Small fuzzy clip (too bad) of Martin Lewis performing a
great Torn & Restored paper called "Undivided" . Look close,
it's worth it , despite the small size of the clip . Try enlarging the
Real Player window slightly when it opens up .

Nice video of Martin Lewis performing The McAbee Rings (close-up Linking Rings) .

The Egg Bag, performed by Martin Lewis . Unfortunately , this clip is also sort of small , so try enlarging the Real Player window a bit after it opens up .

Jeff Haas posted this link in another part of the forum , but I'll repost it on this list :

Don Alan performing the Chop Cup on TV show "That's Incredible".

I figure most everyone knows about the clips on the official Shade movie site , but here's the link again :

Click on the link "Tricks & Shades". Great stuff !

Glenn Bishop has clips of himself performing and also some historical footage of people like Charlie Miller.
(scroll down the page to look for the links to the clips)

Many different magicians on the Clean Comedians site .
Click on their name and you will get taken to a page with links
to their online video demos:

Illusionist Stefan Soule has videos on his site

Robert Strong magic . Click on link to "Video" once you're on the site.

Brett Daniel\'s videos .

A section of Tony Clark\'s dove act :

Various videos from European TV of different illusionists
including The Pendragons and even the ol' Masked Magician
(boo!) , but only the performance sections , not the exposures.

A Dutch magic group "Hans Kazan & Magic Unlimited" .

Magician Jay Alexander Promo Tape

Darren Romeo promo videos
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Postby David Nethery » 07/05/04 10:43 AM

A lot of videos of card sleights on this site:
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