D'light V5 -super cool

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Postby Guest » 05/28/07 03:22 PM

Check out the video!!!
Looks great, very clever concept.



Postby Guest » 05/28/07 03:48 PM

I'm surprised they didn't call it "D'flashlite!"

Postby Guest » 05/29/07 03:05 AM

I'm surprised they don't give up and go home.

D'Lite is very close to the top of my list of most hated magical 'things'. Also on it are:

Ties with playing cards on
Flashing bunny rabbit tie pins
'No the clean hand'
And hippity hop rabbits


Postby Guest » 05/29/07 06:14 AM

Oooooooooh, cool! Now ravers on X will have something new to groove on.


Postby Brandon Hall » 06/20/07 01:21 PM

O.K. I'll "man up" and admit that D'Lites are one of my guilty pleasures
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Postby Charles McCall » 06/21/07 07:53 PM

I'm with Hall!
Charles McCall
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Postby Guest » 06/21/07 08:05 PM

I too disdained them as stupid and awkward, until I actually tried them in the proper (adult) environments. Amazing responses. Any kind of noisy, dark (party) setting, they are a real asset.

Postby Guest » 06/21/07 10:16 PM

I performed these (d'lites original) as a part of a sermon I was preaching, as an illustration. I went back to that church over a year later and I had adults asking if I would tell them how I did that particular effect. It sure made an impression on them. I think in the right situation it can be great. I sometimes use them during a show just to lighten things up for a moment, I use them very briefly, 10-15 seconds. Just enough time for them to wonder what the heck, and then put them away before there brain truly registers what happened.

Postby Guest » 06/21/07 11:41 PM

Why does it always fall to me to say that the above are crap?

Dudes: while using these gaffs you may imagine you are coming across as cool, but in fact, (IMHO) they suck--regardless of how many units have been sold to suckers.

Postby Guest » 06/21/07 11:56 PM

I mean, seriously: what crap. IMHO

Postby Guest » 06/22/07 05:25 AM

How long till some entertainer uses it to offer a "thumbs up" with light? And thus we shall have audiences full of folks offering an illuminated thumbs up... perhaps in place of the thing folks used to do with lighters.

Postby Guest » 06/22/07 12:55 PM

this might be a dumb question, but whats IHMO?

Postby Guest » 06/22/07 01:00 PM

No such thing as a dumb question. If you don't know, it's not dumb.

It stands for In My Humble Opinion.

Postby Guest » 06/22/07 02:00 PM

From your post I believe what you are saying is that my experience is crap, I disagree. Just because you have not had success with them, does not mean they don't work. I do not know how many d'lites have been sold, but there are 300 million plus people in the US, and I have truly found that most have no idea how the effect is done. Some effects work for some people in some settings others do not. I would be careful discounting others experience, based on your opinion. On another topic, you asked the question, why more people do not post. I think a big reason is because they are afraid to get responses like the one that you gave mine.

Postby Guest » 06/23/07 12:16 AM

Mr. Paul--I honestly congratulate your successes. Certainly your experiences aren't crap--Indeed, more power to you, pal!

Once again, I appologize for being "overly-harsh" with my rhetoric, but it COULD have been worse--just ask Dustin. A LOT worse.
Don't be too thin-skinned--stand up for yourself, and kick ass: I bluster, but everyone knows I am harmless as hell.
Despite differences in taste, experience, etc, we ARE on the same team.

The fact is, D'Lites always remind me of dogs chasing the dots from laser-pointers, except that dogs chasing lasers have proven to be, on average, WAY more entertaining and charming than have the human D'Lite users I have seen: one of the reasons I have never touched or even seen one say, at a magic shop...

--Not to mention the goofy-mugging people do when using them (oops, guess I just mentioned it), pretending to be surprised by the wacky antics of an item under their complete control; it kills me.

Also: right-on mrgoat: the only bad question is the one that doesn't get asked! :D

Postby Guest » 06/23/07 01:46 AM

Dave, I too am not generally a fan of D'lites...but what do you think about THIS ??

Postby Guest » 06/23/07 04:35 AM

It's a tool and it's all in how you choose to use them. I think using them with Dean Dills "spot light" trick is pretty good. And sorry to say I have seen some cool card ties also! :p :p :p

Postby Guest » 06/23/07 07:44 AM

cool card ties is a contradiction in terms.

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