Bachelor-party stripper card revelation

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Postby jerry lazar » 03/07/08 12:55 PM

BACHELOR-PARTY STRIPPER CARD REVELATION ... "Is that your card?" ... Sophomoric, and NSFW, but, um, original!... Gives new meaning to "stripper deck!"... (Female version of card to zipper???)...
jerry lazar
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Postby Pete McCabe » 03/07/08 04:23 PM

When I got married, my high-school magic friend did a trick at the beginning of the bachelor party. He had me pick a card, and sign it, and he returned it to the deck, which was then cased. Then we walked out onto the beach and threw the deck into the Pacific Ocean.

About an hour later a woman came in with a fake pizza delivery and proceeded to remove her clothes. When she got down to her bikini bottom, she pulled out my signed card.

I don't think the trick would have been as good if it had just been a matching torn corner.
Pete McCabe
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Postby Brad Henderson » 03/07/08 05:17 PM

I'm glad to see the L and L audience still finds work.
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Postby DocDixon » 03/08/08 04:22 PM


If it's not betraying a confidence, what "magic friend" was wonderful enough to do such a thing and how do we get him elected to the presidency of the IBM, SAM or USA for that matter?

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Postby Pete McCabe » 03/09/08 01:36 AM

His name is Dave Cagan. He's not active in magic anymore, although I do mention him in Scripting Magic. The high point of his magic life was winning the second ever Tannen's magic camp grand prize with a miser's dream routine set to the song "Money" from Cabaret.
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