Incredible Machines

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Postby cataquet » 08/16/06 01:07 AM

If you liked the Honda advert, this will appeal to you. It's about 13 minutes long, and there is some incredible card work Incredible Machines
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Postby Guest » 08/16/06 10:44 AM

That is soooo cool. The bit of my brain that loves the ingenuity of magic is the exact same bit that loves these incredible machines. I would love to see Lubor Fiedler, Gaetan Bloom or Angelo Carbone construct one of these machines with the use of magic principles. The mind boggles! Thanks alot for sharing this Harold!

Postby Guest » 08/16/06 04:45 PM

Thank you for that link. Wow!
Boy Oh Boy.

Postby Dave Shepherd » 08/16/06 07:58 PM

Very fine! It is long past my bedtime, and I intended just to see one or two of these clips, but I sat here glued to my screen for the whole thing. I'll be sharing that link with other people.

Rube Goldberg lives! (He's now a young Japanese guy.)
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Postby Bill Wells » 08/17/06 06:35 AM

Harold -

Thanks so much for posting that link. It was absolutely fabulous !!!

Bill :eek:
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Postby Amos McCormick » 08/17/06 10:27 AM

Anyone have an idea what they are saying/singing?
Amos McCormick
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Postby Guest » 08/17/06 12:12 PM


Amos, they are saying/singing "Pitagora Suicchi" which is Phythagorian Switch.

Postby cataquet » 08/19/06 09:38 AM

WKing is correct. These videos are from a program for little kids made by the NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation). The Japanese characters you can see in the videos read as "Pythagora Switch".

The designer of these machines is Masahiko Sato. He's a professor at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music AND a professor at Keio University.
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Postby Guest » 08/20/06 06:25 PM

As near as I can tell from google, etc., the Rube Goldberg machines are "bumpers" (transition segues) between segments of a children's show in Japan. See HERE to get more of the flavor of the whole show.

Postby Guest » 10/06/06 12:55 PM

Damm, I wish I was born smart instead of good looking. But then again, I do get lots of chicks.

Postby Danny Archer » 10/18/06 07:19 PM

Man ... and I thought magicians had too much free time ... nice catch Harold! ...
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Postby Guest » 10/21/06 08:06 PM

Now I cant get the little jingle out of my head but wasn't that the coolest thing? :)

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