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Postby George Olson » 03/23/03 09:23 AM

I just had a wierd thing happen. I went to the Matrinka site in my "Favorites" bookmarked stuff and got an anti war web site called "Carders Against War" What the heck is that, and how did they "take-over" that address? :confused:

Quite frustrating. :( I deleted the book mark immediately.

GO :mad:
George Olson
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Postby Guest » 03/23/03 09:36 AM

The url was hacked.
The front page was replaced - the rest of the Site is intact.

Yet another example of the disgust which most people feel towards the "war".


Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/23/03 10:24 AM

The front page has now been repaired and is functioning normally.
They're going to have some silhouettes cut by Dai Vernon in the new auction!
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Brad Jeffers » 03/23/03 03:04 PM

A Vernon silhoutte just recently sold on Ebay. It went for $165. I found it interesting that it was not listed in any of the magic sections. Instead it was listed in both the art and the antiques sections. It was item # 3506260631 if you would like to see it.
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Brad Jeffers
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