Glenn Bishop's Magic DVD's

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Postby Guest » 10/01/04 01:42 PM

Glenn Bishop's new Magic DVDs:
Any comments?

Postby Guest » 10/01/04 04:18 PM

I have seen both, and both are worth taking a look at.

Postby Bill Palmer » 10/02/04 10:28 PM

I'll second that. I especially like his DVD #2. He has a cups and balls routine that combines the best of Vernon and Ryan. It is snappy and to the point.

His work on the shell game is also top notch.
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Postby Guest » 10/11/04 01:22 PM

Today a parcel with Glenns 2 DVD dropped into my mailbox. I found several great card routines.
The coin routines on the second DVD was in my taste, very clean and stunning effects.
Glenns Shell Game routine was very smooth and clean. Glenn use sponge peas, that was a new thing for me. If you like card and close up magic then these DVDs might be of interest.

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