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Postby Guest » 11/08/03 08:01 AM

A little Haiku:

For your eyes
A few online vids
Check em out

Hopefully you'll enjoy my vids/magic more than my poetry ;)

Postby Michael Jay » 11/08/03 08:24 AM

Coincidences like this always amaze me! We were just looking at a young man's handling of your "Chameleon Sandwich" (which he credited to you and plugged your book, too) on another site ( Click here to view ). Good stuff, Doug, really, really good stuff!

Have a look - his handling does you and your book justice.

Edited side note: Sorry, you can read the comments but to view the vid you have to have an account (completely free, no advertising, no spamming, private information kept private). I would suggest you do take up a membership and have a look Doug - Shaun, the young man who did the effect, does a really fine job with it.

Michael Jay
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Postby Guest » 11/09/03 08:49 AM

Good site, thanks for the tip....
and you're right, Shaun does a great job w/ Chameleon Sandwich (fyi: that's one of the tricks we're giving away on the TOMT preview.)


Postby Guest » 11/09/03 10:00 AM

The videos are alright, but the poetry was jaw dropping!

Just kidding...great videos, Doug. I really enjoyed them.

Postby Guest » 11/11/03 04:18 PM

I've had a few requests for a more detailed contents list of the book (what each routine does.)

You'll find that info here:

Doug Conn

PS: Please excuse the cross/site postings... I'm gonna zap this info up in a few places.

PSS: Thanks for the good words about the vids :)

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