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Postby Guest » 10/07/03 03:43 PM

I just received a mailing from Paul Osborne's Illusion Systems notifying me that he now has a website where all of his books, plans, etc may be purchased online. However I've had no luck in finding the site.

Anyone else able to find this?

The http is


Postby Guest » 10/07/03 04:00 PM

Strangely enough I checked the post to see that it came out correctly and, on a whim clicked on the address.

It took me right to the site. This was after ten minutes of searching, googling etc. :mad:

Oh well, I guess that was a trick in itself!


Postby David Garrity » 10/07/03 07:32 PM


Yes, that is the site name and it is up and running. I also ordered from the site last week and received the order extremely quickly.

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