TV Documentary on Martin Gardner

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Postby Guest » 03/26/06 09:41 AM

On alt.binaries.documentaries someone has posted a number of programs from a series entitled "The Nature of Things," with host David Suzuki. The interesting one from the point of view of this group is entitled "Martin Gardner, Mathemagician." It features several noted magicians, including the ellusive Persi Diaconis. Others interviewed include Max Maven, Michael Weber, Scott Kim, and of course Martin Gardner himself. I believe this is a Canadian TV show.

Postby David Acer » 03/26/06 10:54 AM

Originally posted by Kurt Ruckman:
I believe this is a Canadian TV show.
It is a Canadian documentary, and a wonderful one at that, written and created by Daniel Zuckerbrot, who was also responsible for the Vernon film, the Stewart James film and the David Ben film (A Conjuror in the Making).
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Postby Ryan Matney » 03/26/06 01:09 PM

Be great if all of these were made easily available on dvd.
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Postby Guest » 03/26/06 04:01 PM

Why don't we stop sending US made TV shows to Canada until they let us see the dang magic related ones they make?
Steve V

Postby Guest » 03/27/06 07:10 AM

Yes, it was complete on GigaNews (my Usenet server). These binaries also have pars posted that you can use to recreate the entire file, if you have enough of them.

Originally posted by T.C. Blalock:

Were you able to get all the parts? Over half of the files are no longer available on my usenet server.


Postby Guest » 04/04/06 10:21 PM

You could just buy your own legal copy HERE (about 1/3 of the way down the page).

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