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Postby George Olson » 02/10/03 12:00 PM

Check this out (it's in Japanese, but just click on the demos):


I'm not trying to open Pandora's Box but this showed up doing a google search.

Really disturbing stuff, anybody know what's going on??

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Postby Craig Matsuoka » 02/10/03 08:10 PM

This matter appears to have been resolved. There were complaints that Shoot shared too much information with the Japanese television program "Koremaji!?"

From the promotional info on the TV Asahi website, it looks like some kind of debunking show along the lines of Penn and Teller's new series.

Apparently, Shoot has repented and was told to "sin no more" by the Castle.

Check out these two pages:

http://homepage3.nifty.com/MagSting/Exp ... Blaney.htm

http://homepage3.nifty.com/MagSting/Exp ... Castle.htm
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Postby Craig Matsuoka » 02/10/03 08:20 PM

BTW, I'm not frightened so much by the exposure than I am at the news that hundreds of children in Japan have mastered the muscle pass, while I couldn't do one to save my life.

Durn kids. Why, when I was their age, we didn't have no fancy comic books teachin' us how to muscle pass! We just practiced till our palms bled and fell off from the gangrene.

And we LIKED it that way! We LOVED it!
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/10/03 09:46 PM

Craig, you must understand Japanese. I went to the site and watched a few of the video clips, but there was, of course, no English!
Yes, Shoot has made it clear that he made a mistake. Incidentally, there's a lot of this going on in Japan--has been for years.
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Postby Steve V » 05/30/03 05:56 PM

So if Valentino says "I'm sorry, I won't do it again" then the Castle and everyone will give him a pass? While I'm not going to hold a Japanese National to task for what he felt was acceptable to his own culture I think this is the case of letting it pass because Shoot is the 'hot guy on the circuit' right now. I wonder if I did the same thing would forgiveness come so quickly and easily?
Steve V
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