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Postby Jeff Haas » 06/15/03 11:22 PM

Some of you may know that Pete Biro, when he's not hanging around the Genii forum, is a photographer. He's specialized in motorsports for years.

There's a special issue of Autoweek out now, profiling Ford, and they use some cool old pictures in it. Go to: ... e=06761820

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Postby Chris Bailey » 06/17/03 06:39 AM

Those were awesome Pete! I love the GT-40s. I don't think too many people around these days realize what a force the Shelby fords were in the mid to late 60s. I believe you can still buy them as a kit car and I heard there was another company who bought the rights to start selling the Cobra kits cars with the original aluminum tubular frames.
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