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Postby Guest » 08/08/03 03:53 PM

For your entertainment pleasure...

I just posted a few new vid-clips on

check em out:

Comments are welcome

Doug Conn

Postby Bill Duncan » 08/08/03 11:27 PM

Very nice stuff. I've seen a lot of crap tricks posted on the web and so I don't expect much and it turned out to be well worth the download time.

Your Chink A Chink with Scrabble tiles is charming and very magical. I wish I'd thought of it!

Your Monte started out as a clever variant of "Color Monte" / "Three Card Monkey Business" and then bitch-slapped me at the end.

Good work!
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 08/09/03 04:08 AM

Hi Doug,
very nice clips - I like the music in the baxkground, this makes them much more entertaining then most videoclips on the net.

By the way, for all of you that dont have Dougs book "Tricks of my Trade", it is one of the best books I have read in the last few years(Thank you Paul Cummins for the good work).

"Flush Brush" is one of the best Triumph-typ effects I ever came accross. Just for the record:
- Flush Brush: Tricks of my Trade, page 99
based on
- Paint by Numbers: Totally out of Control, page 140 (Chris Kenner - Kaufman and Greenberg
based on
- Rollover Aces: The Complete Works of Derek Dingle, page 148 (Kaufman and Greenberg)

Have fun looking up those great effects.


Postby Adam Brooks » 08/09/03 07:59 AM

I like the music in the baxkground, this makes them much more entertaining then most videoclips on the net.
I got so excited when I watched Flush Brush; that music is from Blue Man Group, one of my favorite performing groups!

And the Oompa Loompas never fail to please as well.

Oh yeah, and the magic was alright. :D
Adam Brooks
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Postby Robert McDaniel » 08/09/03 09:17 AM

Fantastic! "Flush Brush" is a killer.

And "Plastic Surgery" is a great routine. Probably the best version of 3 Card Monte / Stretching the Lady or Plastic Lady I've seen. Very ingenious.

Robert McDaniel
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Postby Guest » 08/11/03 07:31 AM

Gents, thanks for the good words.
I plan to post a few vids each month.
Stay tuned.

Re: Markus' Flush Brush Refereneces

One Note: The Flush Brush video features a new handling (version 2.1) which can be found in my 'Conn-juring' notes (fyi: the method in "Tricks of My Trade" started with reversed cards in the stack, the new version does not.)

Postby CardFan » 08/11/03 07:41 AM

Hi Doug,

Great stuff on the site! Where can I get a copy of your "Conn-juring" notes?
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Postby Guest » 08/11/03 03:32 PM

>Where can I get a copy of your "Conn-juring" notes?

10 bucks

Postby Guest » 10/13/03 03:28 AM

Just watched all of your vids Doug and was very impressed with every video. Great routines which kept me interested all the time, leading me on to the next.

I particularly liked Plastic Surgery, Defective Deck and of course Flush Brush :p


Postby Jeff Eline » 10/13/03 12:17 PM

Amazing! I love those clips. Flush brush is a great trick. I can't say I've seen anything similar to that. Really nice!
Jeff Eline
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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/13/03 06:32 PM

I have a layman who sits in the next office at work. Occasionally I call him in to give me his feedback on something I find on the web.

I showed him "Flush Brush", which he really liked but the look on his face when he watched "Defective Deck" was like watching a kid open presents on Christmas morning. His grin got wider and wider with each "repair".

It's different and charming. Doug, you have a solid winner there.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 10/14/03 07:52 AM

Re: Vids
Thanks for all the good words (fyi: more vids will be coming soon... maybe this week... maybe next.)

Re: Defective Deck
Big Kudos goes to Mike Powers for that one... Not only is it him performing on the (superb) vid-demo... he produced the routine. I can only take credit for inventing one of the effects ("Pip Trip" / the reverse matrix with the pips on the 4 spot.) The handling / presentation, etc is all Mike Powers.

FYI: There is a 'do it yourself' version of "Pip Trip" in 'Tricks of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn' (Cummins, FASDIU press.) You'll need some transfer pips and mastery of Gary Kurtz' version of the Houdini/Erdnase transformation (from the Annotated Erdnase.)

that's the news, thanks again to all who took the time to post a good word.

Doug Conn

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