If you can read French…

Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby Stefano » 10/29/05 08:59 AM

here a great site http://www.magiebourgogne.com/
It is in French but if you can read you may find precious information for different magic topics.
There is also historic research for different effects.
Really a pleasure and useful information BRAVO!

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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/29/05 10:44 AM

Those who don't read French (and perhaps those who do) can also visit Google and use the link to Language Tools to view the site through a proxy server that does on the fly translation.

Because it's French to English, the grammer and syntax don't match too well, but you can get a pretty good idea of the gist of the pages.
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