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Postby Guest » 11/06/05 01:27 PM

This looks like a killer concept:
If you have it, please, put a comment here...

Postby Bill Palmer » 11/24/05 10:54 PM

I've got it. It works exactly as described. With the movie prediction, you can give an envelope to a spectator. A second spectator selects a movie, the leading man and leading lady and a technical crew chief. These come from four different movies. The prediction is removed from the envelope. It is a movie poster that has the leading man, leading lady and tech crew chief from the other movies written in on the poster. It can be repeated.

The Date book allows you to make a prediction of the information that will be found next to a spectator's birth date, without your first asking what it is. When you open the date book to the spectator's birthday, it is seen that the prediction -- four items -- are an excellent match. The information at the day before and day after his birthday are not at all like what you predicted.

The way the book is constructed allows the spectators to handle the date book fairly freely. The movie book is a bit more problematic, although with either one you can riffle through the pages and they won't see anything odd.

There is no long/short or narrow/wide principle used for this.

It is very strong.
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