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Postby Guest » 11/16/04 10:23 PM

We're back up for at least a year... anyone wanting to visit or join our free discussion board come to http://magic-me.ipbhost.com we are looking for leader to stop by and help run/create an all new community, we've been running for a year and only have a little over 200 post total, the board is unmoderated so come on by bring a friend... this board is new enough that the right person could step in and run it like it was their own


Postby Guest » 12/11/04 09:58 AM

I thought it should be pointed out that this board is not just for Magic-ME stuff - you can write about anything magic or mentalism related

we have been up for more than a year and have just signed for another year, we intended this board to be used by magicians, mentalists and enthusiasts - to discuss our art, without moderation... too many of the other boards treat us like grade school students, suspending us if we say something wrong, or offend someone, while I'm not saying it is ok to offend each other, I do realize from time to time there will be a difference of opinion, in which case I don't think it is right to take sides and suspend a user because his opinion differs from mine... so jump in say what you want... if there is a problem use the report post button and we'll try to work it out like adults

Take care, have fun and post what you want


BTW my comments about other boards are not directed toward any board in particular, so lets not get a board war started, I happen to like many of the online boards and visit then regularly - As for The Magic-ME board it has be suggested that we eventually limit the number of users to someplace between 250 and 300 trying to stick to mostly hard core magicians, mentalists and enthusiasts, we're not sure if that is what we want perhaps we'll set up a pole that we'll run for a month to see what you want

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