A Book Review by Jim Steinmeyer on CIA Website

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Postby Craig Matsuoka » 06/03/04 03:37 PM

While poking around on the CIA website, I found a book review written by Jim Steinmeyer:

Click here to see article

Thank goodness it's "unclassified". :p
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Postby Guest » 08/02/04 09:29 PM

Here's an excerpt from the book reviewed by Steinmeyer. This article goes into detail on the lengths to which Mendez went to sneak six Americans out of Iran subrosa. As the title of the article implies, it's "A Classic Case of Deception."


"Properly defined, the illusion never exists at all. It is only an inference, the logical (if improbable) solution the audience forms once the evidence has been stacked in a deliberate manner. The "illusion" doesn't exist, just the suggestion of it which you've diagnosed and skillfully presented."

-Jim Steinmeyer, Device and Illusion

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