Myspace layouts for Magicians

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Postby Guest » 07/12/07 12:03 AM

Here is a place that offers myspace layouts just for magicians

Postby Tom Stone » 07/12/07 06:04 AM

God - those designs are horrible!
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Tom Stone
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Postby neil.kelso » 07/12/07 09:55 AM

They go quite well with those playing card ties.
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Postby Guest » 07/12/07 10:45 AM

Those really are quite terrible.

Postby Guest » 07/12/07 06:03 PM

The web page designs are just as bad. For the "low competitive" price of $149 you can get a badly designed site with spelling mistakes.



Postby Guest » 07/18/07 10:44 AM

The print is certainly hard to read with most of those backgrounds.

Postby Guest » 07/18/07 02:29 PM

I think it's the law that a myspace page has to be really ugly.

Especially when compared to a facebook page.

facebook -> myspace = apple mac -> windows


Postby Guest » 07/19/07 01:38 PM

They go quite well with those playing card ties.
I am sad to admit that I have one of those dreadful ties in my drawer somewhere, I think it's right behind the ugly sweater that my aunt sent me. Warning, Exposure: I think my aunt designed the web page for this guy! :p

Postby Guest » 08/01/07 11:30 PM

magicrelated also has links to Not good. sells magic tricks with out giving credit to anyone. The sellers of the tricks are often children.

Postby Guest » 08/08/07 09:42 PM

Hello all. I would like to reveal that I am the owner of I did not want to reveal I was the owner in the first post because I wanted to see what others thought of my site. By reading the replies above I can see that there is much room for improvement. I will leave the existing layouts on the site but will be adding new ones in the next month with much higher quality. Also I will be making many more updates to the site. Thanks again for the criticism.

Best wishes to all!

Postby Guest » 08/09/07 05:39 AM

Originally posted by xanthonyx:
Hello all. I would like to reveal that I am the owner of
that site

HOLY [censored]! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Guest » 08/09/07 06:58 AM

wow, no censoring??


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