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Postby Guest » 12/31/05 01:56 PM

Just wanted to invite anyone interested in viewing clips of my performances at the Magic Castle over the last six months, featuring my new character "Pop" Haydn, to go to:

Video Clips

Love to hear what you think.

I also wanted to let everyone know about our new Scoundrels Forum--a forum devoted to the work of School for Scoundrels. It is a very eclectic forum for those interested in the history of short cons, show business and and the soft rackets.

It you like carnival, circus, wild west shows, dime museums, chattaqua, vaudeville, burlesque, card cheating, three-card monte, shell game, period re-enactment and magic, you will find something of interest here:

Scoundrels Forum

Postby Guest » 12/31/05 08:24 PM

Thank you Whit!
Steve V

Postby Jonathan Townsend » 12/31/05 09:05 PM

Not sure what to say beyond
and thanks for posting the clips.
Mundus vult decipi
Jonathan Townsend
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Postby Guest » 01/01/06 09:34 AM

Looks great Whit!

I can't believe it's December 32nd already!


Postby Guest » 01/03/06 12:13 PM

Whit they were all great , thanks for showing them.

Postby jerry lazar » 01/03/06 01:53 PM

Brilliant as always!... The consummate pro!... As many times as I've seen these routines live at the Castle, I never tire of them -- and I always learn a new lesson ... about timing, nuance, subtlety, misdirection, routining, scripting, gestures, expressions, blocking, audience management, stage persona, humorous presentation... And most of all the difference between "doing tricks" and truly entertaining... Thanks again, Whit, you scoundrel!... "Pop" IS the weasel!... JL
jerry lazar
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Postby Guest » 01/03/06 02:24 PM

Proof that presentation is as important as method. Inspiring!!

Postby John LeBlanc » 01/03/06 02:35 PM

Originally posted by Don B:
Proof that presentation is as important as method. Inspiring!!
Someone else who demonstrates that in spades is Fielding West. It blows my mind that the L&L DVD set of his didn't generate more interest.

John LeBlanc
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Postby Guest » 01/03/06 03:16 PM

I couldn't agree more about Fielding, John.

He is one of my favorite performers, and also among the best people I have ever known.

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