Tribute to Blackstone

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Postby Guest » 11/28/07 01:41 PM

Genii Forum member, Jerry Harrell, has posted a tribute to Blackstone on his website: that's worth checking out. Jerry's alter-ego, Dr Madblood, has hosted a show featuring what I used to call "monster movies" and sci-fi movies for over 30 years. Those of you who are fans of that genre will enjoy Jerry's site.

The site has a "Myst" type feel to it in that you navigate through Madblood Manor with you mouse. Use the elevator to get to the third floor. As you move about the room, a "movie screen" will pop down and the tribute to Blackstone will start.

Have fun while you are in the house. You'll be able to see a few snippetts from the Dr Madblood shows as well.

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