Genii magazine written by mindless drones

Addresses new and interesting links to other sites (not listed on the Genii website) that merit attention.

Postby Brad Henderson » 05/02/07 02:57 PM

At least according to Street Magic Magazine editor, JAmes Clark:

AGAIN... our magazine isn't, and never will be, universally head in a singular direction. You WILL see opposing views in EVERY magazine. That isn't giving mixed signals; that is having varried views. This isn't a thesis; it is a magazine. I hope my writers contradict each other on a regular basis. Unlike Magic and Genii, we are not of one mind here at SM. ... rum=227&26
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Postby Guest » 05/02/07 04:09 PM

Richard, how do you think we should all respond to this?


Postby Pete Biro » 05/02/07 05:16 PM

Stay tooned.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/02/07 05:38 PM

There's nothing to respond to.

People who put out different magazines have different ideas. I'm not really sure what James is referring to.

Every magazine reflects the personality, sensibility, and taste of its editor. There are things which appear in Genii that I disagree with on a regular basis, so the magazine is not all of "one mind" in that sense, but any magazine is an expression of its editor in some one, so there is definitely "one mind" controlling it. Same thing with MAGIC.

Can't make any other comments since I have yet to see a copy.
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Postby Guest » 05/02/07 06:16 PM

"AGAIN... our magazine isn't, and never will be"

Say what? (never is three hours past martini time...and I did not have mine....What did I miss?)


Postby David Acer » 05/02/07 06:41 PM

I agree with whatever Richards opinion on the subject is.
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Postby Guest » 05/02/07 07:02 PM

I am relatively sure that whoever set out to discredit Richard is wrong, but I still do not know who and what the subject is.....

Maybe somebody would be kind enough to explain what we are talking about....


Postby Guest » 05/02/07 07:17 PM

I guess nobody understood my sarcasm above....except for David Acer. Sometimes the delivery loses something when typed.

Postby Guest » 05/02/07 07:46 PM

Did David post?

I really do not know what everybody is talking about here....

....sorry, I don't get out much......opie

Postby Guest » 05/02/07 07:50 PM

I got it. Good for a chuckle.
At least if Richard says it is.


Postby Brad Henderson » 05/03/07 08:46 AM

Opie, James Clark has started a new magazine on Street Magic. Someone published a link to Jamy Ian Swiss's Antimony article in a thread under his magazine's "section" on the Magic Cafe.While I have resigned from posting on the Cafe (something I wrote about here not long ago) I do pop in whenever someone tells me that my name is mentioned. While there, this conversation popped up in a related vanity search.It sparked quite a bit of discussion, some of it very interesting, some of it the usual Cafe drivel.

I thought Clark's pronouncement was an interesting one as I have never considered either Genii or Magic to offer a single vision to which writers must subscribe. Having written for both I know that this to be an untrue representation on Clark's part, and it seems to be more of the spin game that is so prevalent in this world of selling "street magic" to the uninformed. (Selling differences that simply do not exist. Seems an easy thing to do when your target market has never looked at the other products to which you are comparing your own. In another thread he talks about how his magazine will address topics the above mentioned publications would be too fearful to touch, or some such nonsense.)

I simply thought Genii forum readers may be interested to know how the magazine is being represented by someone else in the marketplace - especially when that representation is an inaccurate one.
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Postby Guest » 05/03/07 09:25 AM

Thanks Brad.....opie

Postby Guest » 05/03/07 10:00 AM

Maybe it's me, but I assume that if anything would be written EXCLUSIVELY about STREET MAGIC that it would appropriately be written in mean streets as graffiti is passionately scrawled--on brick walls, on gritty sidewalks, in subway tunnels--lots of pithy phrases, mottos, and mantras. It's not that street magicians don't read...because they obviously do. However, the authentic ones I know and have known are busily at work on the streets where "hustle and flow" happens and where the money is earned.

To get some perspective I asked one of the Big Uneasy wise guys what he thought about street magic and, believe me, he has seen most of them.

He grinned and said: "Street magic? Are you kidding? To nick a movie title, Street Magic Consists of 'Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead!'"

Ouch! In the interest of fair play, I also asked: What about Genii and Magic magazines?

He reads both and replied: "I read and like both. However, I also read and like the New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly. You figure out the rest!"

As for me, I'm reading the current biography about Einstein. I also noted the order of the cards on the 3-D cover of the recent Genii, trying to figure out whether Berglas shuffled the new deck once or twice before fanning them. Also, the dramatic photo of Hans Klok on the cover of Magic was amusing. May we assume it was snapped as he whipped off the cloth to find that Carmen Electra had REALLY disappeared?

I'm now off to "get a life."


Postby Matthew Field » 05/04/07 03:09 AM

"Mindless drones"? Why didn't the guy just mention Bob Farmer by name and be done with it.

Matt Field
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Postby Guest » 05/04/07 09:49 PM

Street Magic magazine is a load of old XXXX and I've never even read it.

Postby Guest » 05/04/07 11:16 PM

David - you don't read it, you color it in! (but only in crayon)


Postby Guest » 05/11/07 12:10 PM

If James wants to hit his target market, he should consider putting the magazine out as a DVD. Judging from the posts in the green room, most of these guys have the attention span of a gnat.

Postby Guest » 05/11/07 12:48 PM

I guess when you have no history and are new on the block, you feel you must resort to the jail house trick of punching the biggest mug there. But just like in jail it usually only gets your ass kicked and you make a big fool of ones self. :D

Postby Guest » 05/11/07 01:22 PM

To me, he sounds like a child who wishes to be "on the edge", rebelling against the "establishment"!!!......which makes me chuckle, as GENII is a "mature" magazine. And, as we all know,with maturity you get wisdom and experience... which you will find on every page of GENII!! Frankly, I would rather absorb the wisdom and experience!! :D

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