Fickle Nickel

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Postby Guest » 05/21/07 01:17 AM

What do yo think about Fickle Nickel by John Cornelius? I found it here:

Postby Guest » 05/21/07 04:23 AM

Doug Henning liked it so much he used it to open one of his TV shows.

Postby Guest » 05/21/07 05:10 AM

Well done for finding out first about such a new effect.

You really do have your finger on the pulse man!

Thanks for sharing.


Postby Guest » 05/21/07 05:53 AM

Its not a new effect, a norweigen magician published a similar routine over 70 years ago. His name was Terje Nordnes.
I was just curious how well Cornelius version plays in the real world. I wanted a real world feedback and not an quasi academic statement.


Postby Mitch Dutton » 05/21/07 07:48 AM

It's the perfect TV trick. It's setup is relatively difficult, it's angly, and it looks best when your hand is burned close up from the front. You must learn to perform precise hand choreography to get your hand in front of, behind, and in front of the coin again.

IMHO Now-U-C-It, Now-U-Don't is a better concept using a similar gimmick. Setup is easier, less angly, the coin can be larger and more visable. You must learn some hand choreography for this also, but it's easier to learn and more fun to perform. You have many more options in terms of plots and performance. Just some thoughts... good luck!
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Postby Steve Bryant » 05/21/07 08:05 AM

As I recall,it was the opening trick to Doug Henning's FIRST special, which was televised live. Arguably, this trick launched the entire modern era of magic, at least the great era that began with Doug's work.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Guest » 05/25/07 08:15 PM

Well said Steve!

Postby Guest » 05/25/07 08:35 PM

I believe Siegfried performed it on one of S&R's TV specials as well.


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