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Postby Jon Allen » 02/02/08 11:50 AM

Does anybody have the Pro cards or have views on them?
Jon Allen
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Postby Jon Allen » 02/02/08 12:16 PM

Okay, I now know they are not new but has anyone here tried using them? How do they handle?
Jon Allen
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Postby Gord » 02/02/08 02:05 PM

I tried them, and am not impressed.
The first thing was the look of the faces. I just showed them and the person assumed they were trick cards.
Secondly they handled poorly. (I will admit it may just have been my pack.) They felt greasy and didn't work well out of the box or even with a bit of work.
i won't be using them again.

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Postby Roger M. » 02/02/08 03:03 PM

Jon, these came out originally nicknamed "Poker Peek" cards, and were intended for use in the World Series of Poker.

When the cards were brought to the tables by the tournament organizers for the WSOP, there was a near revolution going on immediately upon the players getting their first look at the cards they were being asked to play with.
Some very high profile players refused to play with them.

Regular decks soon found their way back into the series, and the revolution was aborted.

If you play poker with any regularity, you have a very specific method of peeking your hand, and although it may not make much sense if you DON'T play real bricks and mortar poker (as opposed to online), you can't peek these cards in the extremely guarded methods most frequent players like to use.

Although they were designed specifically for poker, most every poker player absolutely hates playing with them, and many won't even consider playing if they're the cards in use.
Roger M.
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