Fancy trying to entertain this table?

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Postby Jon Allen » 09/02/07 05:06 PM

Imagine being booked to entertain and you go up to a group of people at this table. Who fancies doing some tricks to get their attention and keep it.......? ... =933742930
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Postby Guest » 09/02/07 09:10 PM

Been there, done that, got the check.

Try doing a trade show for a company where geeks like this write the brochures they want you to use for your script. The amount of jargon in a brochure from a company that sells these kinds of things within the industry is tremendous.

Sometimes, they don't even realize how cryptic their brochures are -- and they even brag about it!

It's amazing how well a trade show presentation with simple declarative statements can sell a product.

Postby Guest » 09/03/07 11:11 AM

Guys, those are the folks magicians up here in the Seattle area work for all the time.

"Crazy Man's Handcuffs" and "Back In Time" play just as strongly with them as any other humans.

Just don't try to interupt a game of Halo, or Warcraft...

* - Not that those are the only effects that play, but two that you would think might be obvious to engineers

Postby Guest » 09/03/07 02:14 PM

Engineers are among the best people to work for. Their extreme knowledge of how things work will lead them so far astray that you can fool them with the simplest of things.

I did the Paul Harris vanishing deck for an engineer once. He proceeded to draw up a set of holdouts that would take the cards up one sleeve, transfer it to the other hold out and insert them into the card case.

Postby Larry Barnowsky » 09/03/07 03:58 PM

If you really want to blow their mind (engineers and techies) perform the Magic Switchboard for them. Clueless only begins to describe their state of mind after that.
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Postby Guest » 09/03/07 05:22 PM

I'd recommend *against* the switchboard. (I'm a techie, and it falls into my "don't care for it/bet I could wire that in my basement" category)
I did a twenty-minute show for a room-full of these folk once, and the item that they kept talking about afterwards was a variant of "Murder Most Foul" by Leo Boudreau. And I'm not even a mentalist! -- I did personalize it to the crowd, however, so they found it fun as well as amazing.

Postby Jon Allen » 09/04/07 02:17 AM

I was more going along the lines of "That is one helluva cool table!"
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