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Postby Guest » 07/30/07 06:43 AM

Someone like me to post this right?


There's a lot of magi folk who have
myspace pages and actually manages
their own.

I manage two magi's spaces.

One for my parents.

One for Uncle Jay.

Then of course there's Frances'
brother Johnny and her grand-niece Kim
on myspace...

Um...and of course me

plus the other five I manage.

I've got some video posted up...

Like Uncle Jay on Wild Chicago,
Dad on Bozo and of course
Why Mai-Ling is the official magic brat?

Get a laugh and watch.

Postby Guest » 07/30/07 04:52 PM

And with a costume change, too! Nice!

Postby Guest » 07/30/07 09:02 PM

the girl in pink.

Postby Guest » 07/31/07 11:15 AM

That clip of Jay on his My Space page is priceless! AH...those were the good old days! Thanks for sharing!

Postby Guest » 07/31/07 12:14 PM

I do not think the announcer even noticed the change.

Postby Guest » 08/01/07 05:32 AM

I kept that tape for sooo long.
and got it transfered in time
for the collectors.

I remember when they previewed it
and I said to my p's: "Knowing
them, they WILL zoom in on my dad's
roundtable photo." And they did.
But seeing Jay perform his favorite
illusion that dad built was a treat
well as, seeing Bob and Ginger.

David Charvet felt that video should
have been shown prior to the auction.
Even the banquet would've been nice.

The costume change probably did go over
most people's head. They just can't figure
out the illusion. The presentation was
more for the something
quite different at the time.


Postby Guest » 08/03/07 07:22 PM

the magic cabaret is on myspace now.

PT should come here and post the URL.

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