Who is this guy?

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Postby Jacky Kahan » 06/21/05 02:59 AM


what do you think?
is this done with permission?

Jacky Kahan
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Postby Matthew Field » 06/21/05 03:08 AM

A Herbert Becker wannabe.


Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 06/21/05 03:16 AM

Hi Matt,

sorry for my ignorance, but who is Herbert Becker?

Jacky Kahan
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/21/05 08:27 AM

Herbert Becker is the pecker who wrote an expose book of Copperfield's magic and was forced to kill most of it prior to publication due to a threatened lawsuit by David. The book that eventually was published was very slim and exposed mostly basic, and older, material.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 06/21/05 09:08 AM

thx Richard!

Jacky Kahan
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Postby Pete Biro » 06/21/05 09:09 AM

Whoever this is certainly writes great copy and hits the points well... BUT... :eek: :confused: :eek:
Stay tooned.
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Pete Biro
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Postby George Olson » 06/21/05 09:26 AM

I just did a "google" and apparently he's from Queensland.

He's an under age 19 Squash player that took the World Internet Summit course and now thinks he has all the answers.

Here's a picture (you've got to scroll down a bit):


George Olson
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Postby Bob Farmer » 06/21/05 05:33 PM

That's a scary website -- the mere thought of meeting any of those people in person and listening to them babble on excitedly is making me wonder whether it might be better if the First Amendment was repealed and tongue removal reinstated as a punishment for overzealous salesmanship.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Sean Piper » 06/27/05 02:40 PM

The magic community here in Queensland isn't that big, and I've never heard of this fellow. I'm guessing either:

a) He's using a false name


b) He's just bought a heap of secrets to resell with no real interest in magic.

My feeling is that it's more likely the latter.
Sean Piper
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Postby Guest » 06/27/05 04:03 PM

Why it's Magic Ron Popiel. Flock my head and I

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