Magic give away on Tues. April 12th

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Postby Guest » 04/11/05 02:32 PM

Howdy. Gerald Kirshner and Mike Guisti have shows on Tues. starting at 8 pm Pacific. They have close to $1000 worth of magic they are giving away.

This is how they do it by the way. On the main page of the website they have a clicky for the contest entry. The on air person will ask a question about something said on the show or about the guests website. Robert Baxt will be on so they may ask how many times Baxt says "Robert Baxt" during the show (that is an example, the answer would be in the hundreds). You fill out the email info as to who you are and the answer, all correct answers are compiled and the winner is picked by some program at random. Considering the odds of winning these are worth while shows to listen too. Sure, they don't have the raw power of the review show on next Tuesday but just to hear Baxt pause before saying "Robert Baxt" is fun.
Steve V

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