3D "Magic Eye" playing cards

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Postby Guest » 05/15/03 03:50 PM

Has anyone seen these playing cards , each secretly marked on its back with a "magic eye" representation of its denomination and suit?

A cool but convoluted way of marking a deck, methinks...or is someone in our midst really making magic with these?

Postby Guest » 05/16/03 06:22 AM

I got a deck of these a few years ago. So far I've found it to be a novelty more than a magical tool.


Postby Guest » 06/02/03 07:43 AM

I agree. I got a set about 2 years ago. First of all, they do not look like any kind of standard playing card. It takes some practice to be able to see the marks. I can, but they do not simply pop into view immediately. You have to stare at the card for a moment before your eyes "defocus" properly and the mark appears. That's pretty suspicious.
But it was fun playing with them.
Dennis Loomis

Postby Guest » 07/21/03 05:40 AM

I bought a deck of these cards (from England), and they do not work very well.
  • images are not visible during card game
  • impossible to spot during normal hand movement
  • the images are poorly placed and require too much concentration to spot during mental effects
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-Magic Ian

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