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Postby JKeppel » 10/07/07 09:20 PM

Does anyone know anything about the japanese tv show called "Trick" that ran in 2000 for 10 episodes? It was about a female magician who was asked by the police for help in solving impossible crimes.
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Postby Guest » 10/08/07 01:46 AM

Hi,Keppel :

This was quite famous TV program in Japan.
"Mystery" drama (with comedy flavor) which self-proclamed "genius" female magician and self-proclamed "authority on Skeptic"physics professor's combinations solve "trick" concealed in paranormal phenomena.
This program ran for 31 episodes(3 seasons),2 special programs since 2000.
This program become movie twice in Japan.
Female magician sometime performed magic (not so great tricks).I knew some Japanese magicians involved this program.
I believe you can buy DVDs via amazon.co.jp.

Here's link (Sorry, Japanese only)



Postby Guest » 10/08/07 04:37 AM

How would you compare it to the Jonathan Creek BBC offering?

Postby Guest » 10/08/07 05:34 AM

Dear Mr.Townsent - Fingertip coins across fame !

Sorry,I don't know "Jonathan Creek" show till you mention here right now. :( (I'm familier with lots of American TV drama but I'm not familier with British drama. Because I can't split more time for TV drama.-If I have more spare time,I want to use time for magic. And I'm Japanese. Very difficult to get infomation about oversea TV show in Japan - Especially Europian & British TV program.)
I just visited Wikipedia and understood the plot of this British drama.
Yes,It seemed to almost same plot. I'll try to get DVDs of this drama and check them out.(I smell of interesting drama! :) - Oh,I need more spare time!! ;) )

Thank you very much for mention this drama.


Postby JKeppel » 04/13/08 11:21 PM

This program is now available in the US, all 3 seasons with english subtitles from HK.dvdstore.com based out of NY.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/14/08 12:57 PM

More here -> LINK
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