Woody Allen plays a magician in "Scoop"

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Postby David Scollnik » 07/27/06 08:28 PM

The thread title pretty much says it all. Woody plays a magician in his new movie, "Scoop".


"Sondra is an American journalism student visiting friends in London. During a stage performance by another American, magician Sid Waterman (Allen), Sondra is shocked to find herself able to see and hear Joe. From beyond, he gives her the scoop of a lifetime and urges her to pursue it. Sondra immediately starts chasing the big story, enlisting the aid of a reluctant Sid (a.k.a. Splendini)."

Whether he actually performs any magic or not, I do not know.

Scott Penrose is credited as "magic consultant" for the movie (as he also is for "The Illusionist").
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Postby Guest » 07/28/06 08:21 AM

An actor playing the part of a magician...

Postby NCMarsh » 07/28/06 09:30 AM

I believe Woody Allen was a fairly avid magician at one point in his life...anyone recall more specifically?


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Postby Steve Bryant » 07/28/06 09:43 AM

The Eric Lax biography of Woody Allen covers Woody's interest in magic in some detail, as well as the appearance of magic in many of Woody's works. This is a brief sample:

Several shelves in his library at home are filled with books on magic, many of which he has had since his early teens. There are even several dozen issues of Genii magazine, a journal of magic he subscribed to in the early 1950s.

In the new Roy Benson book, there is an ad for the Blue Angel in 1961 giving equal billing to the Smothers Brothers, Ruth Olay, Woody Allen, and Roy Benson. Perhaps Todd and Levent missed a bet by not contacting Woody for any reminiscences he might have had of working with Roy Benson.
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Postby Guest » 07/30/06 09:55 AM

Magical themes or references appear in many of Wooy Allen's films. Sometimes it's something as simple as a Magic poster on a wall within camera range, but it's often there, in one form or another.

Allen also wrote a play

- entity

Postby Guest » 08/02/06 01:01 PM

The movie is a pale imitation of Woody Allen of the past. He's even stealing from himself now.

Having said that, I enjoyed him playing a magician, even though there was no magic to speak of in the movie. There were card tricks with a deck of red Bicycle cards and a Hardin Zig-Zag illusion in the background. The magician Allen plays is very patronizing to his audience.

Postby Guest » 08/05/06 03:37 PM

I liked Woody's magician in the movie. He actually performed a couple of old stand up tricks in addition to the card tricks. Far from being patronizing to the audience, he had a great expression of "Gee, was that OK?" after each trick on the stage. It was very funny and touching.

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