Michael Finney Live at Lake Tahoe

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Postby Guest » 01/17/04 10:31 AM

I just received the three volume DVD set yesterday. The magic is the typical magic one would expect if you are familar with Michael Finney, and that is not said in a negative way. Volume One is all stand-up comedy and no magic. Therefore if stand-up comedy is not your thing, you can simply purchase volume 2 and 3. I found the stand up comedy to be great. Once again Michael Finney can prove to the audience that a comedian can be funny without having to use a four letter word in every other sentance. Volume two shows his performance and outgoing comedy/magic. Very funny, and as said his trade marked routines. The shocker for me was Michael's motivational lecture which was worth the price alone. This is and L&L publishing item and I picked the three volume set up for 74.95 from Hocus Pocus Magic. I am not quite sure if they are still selling it for that price. The motivational lecture gives some fantastic ideas, what is needed to go out there and land shows and how to sell yourself. Volume three covers the handling of his routines.

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