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Postby David Mitchell » 10/04/04 03:32 PM

Can anyone give me some information on effects where the pips move to different locations on the card?

David Mitchell
David Mitchell
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Postby Chris Aguilar » 10/04/04 06:44 PM

Doug Conn has a great take on this plot in his book Tricks of My Trade.

It can be found here.
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Postby Guest » 10/04/04 07:38 PM

You may want to consider"Visually Yours" an early routine of Michael Ammar's.

It can be found on "Early Ammar" Vol. 4 and also in either "The Command Performance" premiere issue or "Encore I", sorry I don't recall which one.

I performed this at one time and can tell you it entails handmaking a gimmicked card for the effect.

I also recall that it played rather strongly-er..on second thought it was a bit of a dog, don't bother with it, much better ones out there-sorry to be a bother..... (offstage sounds of feet scrambling to bookshelf ...)

Hope this was helpful,


Postby Bill Duncan » 10/04/04 07:41 PM

Also directly from Doug:

He also sells Mike Powers' Defective Deck which uses his moving pip effect "Pip Trip" as one of it's phases.
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Postby Guest » 10/05/04 07:02 AM

Check Mike Powers site for the Defective Deck

Demo and Product;

Postby Guest » 12/06/04 02:52 PM


The cards for "Pip Trip" are included as part of the new Black Tiger gaffed deck.
Click here for more info.

On the above site, there is a vid-demo of Brad doing the effect. Note that my routine (based on Kurtz' handling of the Erdnase transformation) is completely different than the (edited) version you'll see on that clip.

In general... I have reservations about using Black Tigers while doing magic.. but for this effect (and a couple others that suggest 'misprinted cards') I think the Black kitties are AOK.

Postby Chris Aguilar » 12/06/04 08:25 PM

Wow. $30 for a gaffed black tiger deck.

Chris Aguilar
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Postby Guest » 12/07/04 08:30 AM

I think this is a fair price.

Of course I'm biased... but here's my theory...

If I were to offer the Pip Trip cards as a stand alone item... the package would sell for $10-$15.

The "3 1/2" & "Warped" cards have instant value (another $10-$15.)

The pack also provides inspiration (which is invaluable) For example... That king with the red sword is perfect for an uprgraded version of Paul Harris' "Headache" (Close-up Kinda Guy)

Aside from a single email requesting permission to print Pip Trip cards, I have no agreement/contact with Ellusionist. I have nothing to gain by promoting the pack.

Postby Jonathan Townsend » 12/07/04 09:18 AM

Originally posted by D. Conn:
Check Mike Powers site for the Defective Deck

Demo and Product;
I just watched the video. WITH THE SOUND OFF. SAW LOTS OF TENSION IN THOSE HANDS. Was there some spoken reason for handling the cards that way?

I like the premise and the cards... though suspect doing the trick backward might be much more interesting.
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Postby Guest » 12/07/04 10:32 AM


The version Mike offers/performs is different than my handling (which only uses the hand as cover... If you have the forementioed Ortiz book, this should be clear.)

though suspect doing the trick backward might be much more interesting.
I have to diagree there... turn on the sound and watch the clip again... IMO, fixing the 'defective' cards is a good plot.

Postby David Acer » 12/07/04 10:56 AM

Hi David,

Two tricks come to mind that fit your criteria - Dr. Sawa's "Heavy Ink," in which a card is chosen, then turned back towards the audience and one corner is tapped on the table, whereupon the card is turned around once more, showing all the pips to have tumbled into the bottom corner!(see "Sawa's Library of Magic, Vol. 1," Kaufman, 1988).

The second is my own "Changes," from "Random Acts of Magic," which you can see on my website:

Happy Holidays!
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/07/04 11:41 AM

Great stuff
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 12/07/04 02:33 PM

Pip Art by Dan Harlan is a great trick and the new Court and Jesters Deck has a few gaffed cards that deal with moving pips...

Postby Guest » 12/07/04 03:16 PM

Here's another; Daryl's "Presto Printo" (his version of "Printing") has some great moments that involve moving/altered pips.

Postby Guest » 12/07/04 05:44 PM

and a few more...

Jay Sankey has an effect where the pip on an ace of clubs moves downward (a nice / simple effect that puts the erdnase color change to good use.) The name of this effect escapes me (it was released a couple years ago... anyone know the name of this?)

A couple Honorable Mentions (along similar lines)

Paul Harris has a few effects where the angels on the back of a Bike deck magically move together (Twighlight Angels and his new Naked Angels.)


Ben Harris' new release "Bikin" finds the joker making various trips around the card.

You can watch Ben's trick here:

Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/07/04 06:03 PM

The earliest versions of moving (or changing) pip cards used either thread on the front of the card on which die-cut pips slid, or an insert inside a card which had die-cut holes in it. A small lever on the back or side would move the insert.
The first person (that I know of) to do effects where pips move on the card using ANY other method was Theodore DeLand:
A Six of Clubs changes to a Four of Clubs: you SEE the pips crawl across the card, then you can hand the card for examination with no switch.
He also had another version where a Ten of Spades changed to a Ten of Clubs. You just have to see it to believe it--it looks like the pips come to life and morph in front of your eyes.
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Postby Jeff Haas » 12/07/04 06:20 PM

Tommy Wonder has a version of this idea in his books.
Jeff Haas
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Postby Mark Collier » 12/07/04 11:23 PM

John Carney has a great version in Carneycopia with no gaffs. You show a four and table it face down. Then show a three and visibly remove the center pip turning it into a two. Pick up the four and put the pip onto it turning it into a five. Its a good trick to show the kids that will fry the adults.
Mark Collier
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Postby Guest » 12/08/04 07:26 AM

I've toyed with Carney's effect.

Here's my take on the routine:

(This clip (which is about two years old) is fair at best... but it's just sitting on my hard-drive gathering dust.)

Postby David Mitchell » 12/08/04 09:13 AM

Doug, could you send me a mailing address please.

Mail it to

David Mitchell
David Mitchell
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Postby Mike Powers » 12/13/04 04:12 PM

Didn't Mike Ammar have an item where an ace of diamonds becomes a 3 of diamonds with visual moving pips??

There's also the floating diamond effect which resembles Cosmosis. The center pip of the ace of diamonds floats up above the card and then back down.

Also, I believe it was Rocco who had an item where the pips fly out from the center by centrifugal force when the card is spun.

There was a guy at FFFF many years back who was selling a moving pip trick very much like Doug Conn's Pip Trip. I can't remember his name. Anyone remember??

Mike Powers
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Postby Bill Duncan » 12/13/04 10:25 PM

I spoke with Michael about the moving pip cards he used to sell as "Visually Yours" in the late 1980's at the "Mecca Of Magic" in Tacoma this summer. He no longer has a source for the cards.

I purchased two versions from him over the years. The first was a simple change of a single pip. The later version had spots literally crawling all over the face of the cards (changing a five to a nine if I recall correctly).

Michael's routine used a signed (on the back) card. A wonderful trick.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 01/04/05 04:38 AM


You could also get a look at the following ones...

To get more info about them, go to . There you can search among tables of contents of more than 1600 of books and magazines! And this amount is growing every day... Good luck!


Apocalypse Vol 8 No 11 Nov 85 : Transequential (Dick Chrstain): 4 blanks are printed to become A, 2, 3, and 4 of Spades, then those pips are transferred one at a time to other blank cards.

The Art of Modern Conjuring (by: anomymous), Page 51 : Pips vanished from a card and reproduced on a handkerchief.

The Magic of Frederica
Edited by: Lewis Ganson
Copyright 1981 by The Supreme Magic Company
Page 17 : The Migrating Pips

New Era Card Tricks
by August Roterberg
Page 251 : Moving Pip Card

The Books of Wonder, Vol I
By Tommy Wonder & Stephen Minch
Published by Hermetic Press
Page 123 : Falling Pips

Five Times Five
by Richard Kaufman, Copyright 1992
Page 34 : New Era Moving Pips (by Tomo Maeda)
Page 100 : The Flowing Pips (by Hiro Sakai)

Tricks Of My Trade - The Magic of Doug Conn
by Cummins, Paul W., 1997
Pip Trip - A misprinted four of clubs is fixed by having it's pips moved to their correct locations.

How To Do Tricks With Cards, by Turner, Bill
(Formerly published as The Card Wizard)
1949 David McKay Co, 1973 Collier Books
Page 109 : The Fading Pips: The 3 of Hearts is poorly passed for an Ace on the bottom of the deck and dealt to the table, but it is found to really be the Ace of Hearts.

The Tarbell Course in Magic Vol II
(c) 1927 Tarbell Systems, Inc., 1942 Tannen's, 1975 D. Robbins & Co.
Page 373 : Ghostly Card in the Dark: Floating pips in the dark form the selected card.

The New York Magic Symposium Collection Four
by Minch, Stephen, (c) 1985 NY Magic Symposium & Adam J. Fleischer
Page 104 : Point Blank (Latta & Swiss): Card is chosen and lost in the deck. The face up deck is waved and the face card turns into the 3 of Clubs, but this is the wrong card. Next the center pip is pinched off and the 3 becomes a 2, but this is still wrong. The two pips are pushed together to form an Ace: still wrong. The pack is rubbed, but all the faces vanish, leaving it blank. "Ink" is applied to the pack by tapping a pen, and the chosen card appears with the test of the deck faces. Deck may now be used.

Here's My Card: No. 1
by Allan Ackerman, Copyright 1978
Page 13 : Easy Off Pips

by Colombini, Aldo
Edited and Illustrated by Lothar Malmberg
(c) 1991 Hades Publications
Ace-Mbly: Four aces change places with a blank card. At the end, all the ace's pips are together on ONE card, leaving four blank face cards.

Postby Guest » 11/21/06 03:33 PM

And this stunningly visual method I constantly use, whenever people want to see something original. The vacuumcleaner idea adds a prety deal to the trick.

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