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Postby Pepka » 01/05/06 08:47 PM

I just saw a commercial during MXC that Spike TV is gonna be showing Shade Tuesday night. I'm sure most of us here have seen it, but it's good that it'll finally get SOME mainstream exposure. Congrats Damian and Paul!
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Postby Guest » 01/09/06 08:46 PM

I liked this movie, though I'm terribly clumsy with cards. I enjoyed watching them do all the "mechanics" stuff and the extras on the DVD.


Postby Tabman » 01/10/06 09:58 AM

Shade has some good stuff in it; the shots of the castle, references to the professor, interesting plot but to me some of the sub plot material took away from the film. I especially didn't like the footage based on the urban legend of internal organ theft. I just didn't see the real tie in. It seemed like someone throwing it in to fit into the "sex and violence" quota and to perhaps make it easier to sell.

I own the dvd, bought new off amazon as soon as it was available, and have viewed it a couple of times so I did my part to support the magic aspects of the film. I do think they missed a real opportunity by including some of that footage and trying to be just a little too clever.

Just my opinion of course and no dig at the actors, technicians (first class work folks), colorists, editors..... there were other ways to show the character of these people. In fact, is there any one character in the film that exibited good character??? the professor???

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Postby Terry » 01/10/06 10:39 AM

I thought the movie was really good.

Hal Holbrook did a really nice portrayal of the Professor without trying to be him. He did provide a "positive" force to Stuart Townsend's character Vernon.

I was hoping to see Thandie Newton's character, Tiffany, get whacked though.

Stallone's character was played nice.

The story twists reminded me of the movie 'Heist' with Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and Ricky Jay.
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Postby Steve Snediker » 01/10/06 02:57 PM

I have enjoyed my DVD of "Shade," especially the special features.

It will be interesting to see how Spike "sanitizes" the film from it's brief nudity and copious use of the F-word.

That aside, it is always interesting to work up against a mechanical show like "Shade" and then do something totally amazing with nothing more than a "breather crip" and a very sloppy overhand shuffle. "Gosh, that wasn't very fancy but it sure was amazing!"

Hey, maybe my wife will watch the whole film with me.
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Postby CardioloJest » 08/03/08 05:28 PM

"The story twists reminded me of the movie 'Heist' with Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and Ricky Jay."

From the talented pen of David Mamet. If you like his style and REALLY want to see some twists and turns, watch The Spanish Prisoner.
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Postby Gord » 08/03/08 09:15 PM

I'm not really into the "Grift" type of movies, but I found Shade very enjoyable. I have to point out the excellent cast, each and every one of them were great.
But then I am a sucker for Gabriel Byrne, lousy American accent or not.

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